The extraordinary fairy tale of a happy family



A short fairy tale by Chiara Francini
is the inspiration for a photographic story in which
the Italian actress and writer ironically interprets
the creations of Maison Crivelli.

A special project that comes from the desire
of Maison Crivelli to show its creations from a
different perspective, highlighting the link
between jewels and contemporary fashion.

December 20.
That was a special day.
It was clear since the day before, with its magic and perfumed normality …
and particularly from the goodnight.
Hermes had remained aloof and not looked at her with his usual questioning expression. For once he seemed to know everything. Lorelei had eaten, but incredibly had not asked for a second or third helping.
Oddly reasonable. Cocó had not quarrelled with her sister and for a moment it seemed they were bound by a common design. For once it was not insane love for her older brother.
On the morning of December 20, Chiara poked an eye and a foot out from the egg white duvet.
Silence. She held her breath … and there came the sound of distant bells rolling towards her. The door opened slowly … and there they were, the three of them.
Hermes with a tray in his hand …

Milk, chocolate, butter, flowers … Lorelei to the side, a chubby maid staring at the shiny icing on the croissant, and Cocó swinging her head to the rhythm of the bells.
Happy birthday!
In a flash, white tufts in the air, duvets, bells, flowers, petals, croissant icing and the insane joy of a two-year-old girl, an explosion of cream, crumbs and joy.
And like the snow that settles down in the glass balls, in which the little houses and puppets return to being neat and clean after a loving storm, in a similar but different way, here they are all four on the unmade bed as if reclining after a deep and long breath: unkempt, ruffled, with mouths open from panting, choreography, sweating from excitement.
A human and three felines. A happy family.

Chiara Francini